Army disbands UNITA base in Benguela

Benguela- Angola (PANA) -- Angolan Armed Forces (FAA) say they recently disbanded an important military base of the rebel UNITA movement at Ganda district in central coastal Benguela Province.
Local FAA commander Brig Jorge Miranda told reporters that this was one of the worst military defeats for UNITA rebels at Ganda, as the base was the launch pad for armed incursions on Chongoroi, Caimbambo, Cubal, Ganda and Dombe.
He said that in the operation, a total 6 180 civilians were freed from captivity, including 142 soldiers.
Miranda said FAA, the police and militia forces continue making efforts neutralising rebel hotbeds, adding that UNITA rebels, "seriously weakened," have been avoiding direct confrontation with government forces, and turning instead against defenceless populations and civilian targets.

19 october 2001 23:36:00

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