Armed gang kills four in southern Burundi

Bujumbura- Burundi (PANA) -- Four persons were killed Wednesday when an armed gang ambushed a van at Songa in Bururi province of southern Burundi, official sources in the area reported Thursday.
According to the same sources, the gang included an ex-serviceman of Burundi army.
One of the gangsters was killed when police who where patrolling the area fired shots at the gang.
Further reports from southern Burundi said rebel activities were increasing and local fishermen could no longer venture into Lake Tanganyika because of the insecurity blamed on rebels.
Radio Burundi reported that rebels were attacking vessels ferrying goods across the lake.
At least four people were killed early September after a rocket hit a a boat flying the Tanzanian flag.
The incident followed the kidnapping of 29 fishermen by rebels offshore Lake Tanganyika.
So far there has been no confirmation of the fishermen's whereabouts.

13 september 2001 19:07:00

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