Arab League seeks closer ties with AU

Abuja- Nigeria (PANA) -- The Arab League Sunday called for the promotion of closer relations and the identification of common interests between the African Union (AU) and the Arab League.
In his address at the opening ceremony of the AU Summit in Abuja, Arab League representative Samir Hosni said the present global environment that recognises bigger bloc demands nothing else from Africa.
"Africa and the Arab League must strive for a relationship that is built on realistic and meaningful foundation and common interests," he charged.
He said the next Arab League summit in Algiers, Algeria, would consider the means of enhancing the present areas of collaboration and support between the two regional bodies.
Hosni used the opportunity to thank African leaders for their support to the Palestinians quest for their own state and better life, adding: "This has been so well shown by the kind of support received from Africa at the United Nations.
" He said the Arab League is willing to direct funds from Arab financial institutions to assist in the funding of NEPAD programmes "as a way of demonstrating the spirit of true Africa- Arab League relationship.

30 january 2005 13:40:00

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