Arab League scribe tours GCC countries in summit build-up

Tunis- Tunisia (PANA) -- After his trip to the Maghreb, Arab League secretary general Amr Moussa has announced a tour of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, as consultations continue towards a reconvening of the Arab summit that failed to hold here, media reports said Wednesday.
"All Arab regions agree on the importance of holding the summit as soon as possible, probably in May," an aide of Moussa's was quoted as affirming, while dismissing allegations of a dispute between Egypt and Tunisia over the summit venue.
In Tunis last Saturday, Moussa said the Libyan and Tunisian leaderships had stressed the need for the summit to hold "as soon as possible," hoping that Arab leaders "would achieve positive results that would improve coordination among them.
" Following Tunisia's decision to postpone the summit last week, Egypt offered to host the confab, as the Arab League headquarters is located in Cairo.

07 april 2004 10:08:00

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