Arab League pondering rehabilitation of South Sudan

Khartoum- Sudan (PANA) -- Sudan has proposed a 500 million-dollar plan to the Cairo-based Arab League for the rehabilitation of the country's war-torn South, press reports said in Khartoum Saturday.
The daily "El Ayyam" newspaper said if approved, the plan would be excuted by the South Sudan development fund, adopted by the League's March Summit in Cairo, Egypt.
The plan involves the construction and rehabilitation of roads, hospitals and schools, as well as the provision of electricity and water supply in the region.
"When approved by the League's General Secretariat, the plan will be tabled for final endorsement by the League's upcoming Summit in Beirut (in) March (2002)," the paper reported.
It quoted a source from the League, which described the plan as "vital for the revival of the economy of South Sudan and will contribute to the (promotion) of the culture of peace in Sudan.

29 december 2001 16:13:00

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