Arab Countries Call for Action To Stop Israeli Aggression

Rabat- Morocco (PANA) -- Mediterranean Arab countries have urged the international community, particularly European nations, to act decisively in order to end Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people.
Foreign affairs ministers of Morocco, Egypt, Libya, Algeria and Mauritania, including representatives of Syria, Lebanon and Palestine have said pressure should also be put on the UN Security Council to ensure protection of the Palestinian people.
Only action by the Security Council can guarantee sustainable security and peace in the Middle East, they said in a communique issued Wednesday at the end of their two-day meeting in Rabat.
The meeting, which was focused on the proposed free Arab trade zone, also discussed the worsening living conditions of the Palestinian people as a result of continued aggression by Israel in areas under Palestine authority, the communique said.
The Arab countries were convinced that the establishment of peace in the Middle East depended on implementation of the relevant UN resolutions, including those relating to the right of the Palestinian refugees to return home.
"This peace is also related to the withdrawal of the Israeli army from the occupied Arab territories and to the establishment of an independent Palestinian State with Jerusalem as capital", they said.
According to the communique, Israeli aggression aimed at destruction of all the Palestinian economic and production networks while denying Palestinians access to health and other basic facilities available at Jordanian and Egyptian borders.

09 mai 2001 19:57:00

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