Arab-African Youth Summit begins in Tripoli

Tripoli- Libya (PANA) -- The first Arab-African Youth Summit, organized ahead of a second one scheduled for 10 October in the Libyan city of Sirte, began in Trip o li Tuesday, with an unanimous call by the participants for the need to build an A rab-African space.
Launching the session, with the theme: "Role of youth in designing a joint Arab- African strategy", the Secretary for Trade Unions and Professional Leagues' Affa i rs of the Libyan General People's Congress (GPC-the country's highest legislativ e body), Dr.
Djibril Mohamed stressed the importance of the meeting, which coinci d ed with the commemoration of the 49th anniversary of the unionist demonstration, led in 1961 by then student Mouammar Kadhafi, in reaction to the separation of N a sser's Egypt from Syria.
Mohamed said the resolutions of the summit, which reflect the vision of Arab-Afr ican youth for building a common area between the two regions, would be included in the annals of his organization, stressing the interest taken by Arab League i n strengthening cooperation, complementarity as well as integration between Arab a nd African countries.
He also pleaded for support to the appeal by Libyan leader, Mouammmar Kadhafi, f or the establishment of an Arab-African space, indicating the need to make this p roject a reality, 30 years after the first Arab-African Summit held in 1977.
Libyan Acting Secretary for African Union (AU) Affairs, Jumma Brahim emphasized the close links between the Arab world and Africa, saying their fate was driven b y the need to unite.
Brahim called for solidarity and unity between Arab and African countries to cre ate a safe space "in a world that no longer recognizes nation-state and where on l y giant spaces and blocks can survive.
" The two-day meeting, considered as one of the events preceeding the second Arab- African Summit is initiated by the National Organization of Libyan Youth in coll a boration with the Libyan University of Sirte, the Arab-African Youth Council, th e Union of African Youth and the Union of Arab Youth.
Also present at the inaugural session of the meeting were Ambassador of the Arab League, Samir Hosni, the Secretary General of the Organization of Libyan Youth, Abdelhadi Haweij, the Vice-Chairman of the Arab-African Youth Council, the Secre t ary of the Union of Arab Youth, as well as heads and members of diplomatic missi o ns accredited to Libya.

05 october 2010 18:59:00

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