Anti-retrovirals not cure for AIDS

Addis Ababa- Ethiopia (PANA) -- A medical expert has cautioned persons living with HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia against reverting to risky behaviour after getting anti-retroviral drugs.
Dagnachew Haile-Mariam of Ethiopia's National AIDS Council said the anti-retrovirals were meant for reducing the viral load in the body and not for curing the disease.
He told PANA Tuesday that people should understand that practising safe and protective sex was vital in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS.
Meanwhile, Dagnachew said the National AIDS Council was preparing guidelines on usage and administration of anti-retroviral drugs and a training manual for physicians and laboratory technicians.
The guidelines would prioritise the availability and affordability of the drugs, he said.
The World Bank has offered Ethiopia a 59-million-dollar soft loan for undertaking capacity building programmes, setting up an emergency AIDS fund and for launching multisectoral campaigns against the pandemic.
A pilot project is alread under way at the Black Lion (Takur Ambessa) Hospital in Addis Ababa to check mother-to-child infection of HIV.
Dagnachew said the five-year project, supported by the Norwegian government, would later be extended to other areas across the country.

28 august 2001 21:52:00

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