Angolan district records 21 cases of HIV in 10 months

Lucala- Angola (PANA) -- Twenty one cases of HIV/AIDS from 721 tests conducted fr om January to October were recorded at the Counselling and Voluntary Testing Cen t re (CATV) in Lucala District in the northern Kwanza Norte Province of Angola.
In an interview with the country's news agency, ANGOP, District Administrator Ku divissa Paulo said that of the 359 pregnant women tested, eight were positive.
Out of 202 teenagers, seven tested positive, while out of the 153 men, six had t he HIV/AIDS virus, he disclosed.
According to the administrator, during the same period, the institution conducte d tests on children, which revealed that three were considered exposed to the di s ease because their mothers are HIV positive and went through the vertical cut pr o cess.
Paulo said CATV of Lucala district is currently run by three nurses who test and treat the HIV/AIDS patients.

10 november 2010 14:33:00

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