Angola asks South Africa for 10 billion dollars

Durban- South Africa (PANA) -- The Angolan government Sunday night in Durban reminded the UN conference on racism of "the 10 billion dollars that a UN Security Council resolution has ordered the apartheid regime to pay as reparations".
Angolan foreign vice minister, Georges Chikoti, who was making the claim said he regretted that "until now, not a penny has been given to his country "to compensate the damage caused by the South African Apartheid regime in the south of Angola".
"We are convinced, however, that we'll find a way out with this friendly government", he said.
Chikoti recalled that his country was tormented due 450 years of Portuguese colonial rule during which over 10 millions of its peoples were deported to the Americas.
Slavery has taken a terrible toll on Angola until the 1950s while in fact it was officially abolished in 1836, he added, pointing out that slavery was then replaced by hard labour developed during colonisation which was too bloody.

03 september 2001 23:59:00

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