Angola: TAAG increases flights to Portugal

Luanda, Angola (PANA) – The Angolan airline (TAAG) from Wednesday increased its weekly flights to the Portuguese cities of Lisbon and Porto to meet demands in this holiday period, sources from the airline said in Luanda.

TAAG spokesperson, Carlos Vicente, said that in order to strengthen its flights during the holidays, several Airbus 330-200 and A340-300 planes would be chartered by the Portuguese company Hi Fly, specialized in the supply of planes accompanied with crew.

According to the terms of the agreement signed with Hi Fly, Mr Vicente said that the Angolan airline would from 16 December to 7 January carry out 6 extra flights to Lisbon and 10 new weekly flights to Porto.

"The objective is to strengthen the capacity for our fleet to satisfy appropriately the demand expressed in this period of the year, especially from nationals who would like to spend their holidays in the country and foreigners considering travelling abroad," said the TAAG spokesperson.

17 december 2014 21:13:37

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