Amnesty International asks Sudanese President to save teenage girl from execution

Khartoum, Sudan (PANA) – Amnesty International on Monday appealed to the President of Sudan and the country’s Minister of Justice to save the life of 19-year-old Noura Hussein who was sentenced to death on 10 May 2018 for killing her rapist husband.

According to the human rights organization, Noura is a victim of marital rape and she should not be killed for defending herself.

In its appeal, Amnesty International explained that Noura’s ordeal started when she was just 16, and was married against her will. Her father and new husband signed a marriage contract, and  when Noura finished high school in April 2017, she was forced to move into his home.

The first time Noura’s new husband raped her, he got his two brothers and a male cousin to pin her down while he did it.

“She'd been unwilling to consummate a marriage that she never wanted - so he forced her to. The next morning, he tried to rape Noura again - but she managed to escape to the kitchen, where she grabbed a knife. In the ensuing scuffle, he sustained fatal knife wounds.

“When Noura went straight to her family and told them what had happened, her father turned her to the police and her entire family then disowned her,” said Amnesty International.

The courts, reportedly, say Noura is guilty of intentional murder - even though she was defending herself from being raped by a man she was forced to marry when she was just a young teenager.
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