All patients have equal rights - NGO

Windhoek- Namibia (PANA) -- The newly-elected president of Namibia Network of AIDS Services Organisation (NANASO), Eivalastus Kaaronda, said that people living with HIV/AIDS and those who are not infected with the virus have equal rights.
The virus only weakened their immunity and not their humanity, he added.
Addressing a press conference in Windhoek Thursday, Kaaronda urged the government to create social safety nets for HIV/AIDS orphans and people living with the virus.
"The NANASO has noted with concern on the increasing maltreatment of HIV/AIDS patients by some health workers.
This is tantamount to discrimination which contributes to stigmatisation and social exclusion," said Kaaronda.
NANASO provides networking services to its members to enable them to strengthen and maximise their potential to effectively redress their HIV/AIDS status and other related issues.

12 july 2001 21:53:00

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