Algiers under tight security for Kabylie demonstration

Algiers- Algeria (PANA) -- Authorities in Algeria Tuesday placed Algiers under tight security on the eve of a planned protest march in the capital by the Coordination of Kabylie villages.
Security forces have sealed all roads entering Algiers and mounted police checkpoints where passengers in all private cars and buses coming from Kabylie are systematically searched.
According to reports, the village committees have lined up hundreds of buses to transport demonstrators to Algiers for the march.
Considering that they have the right to "march on (their) lands", these committees, however, called upon the youth not to respond to provocation and to avoid any uncontrolled action.
Observers expect demonstrators to be stopped at the entrance of Thenie (Boumerdes) where organisers are likely to have a sit- in.
Meanwhile, the government has expressed concern that the events should not disrupt the opening ceremony of the 15th world youth festival.

07 august 2001 16:10:00

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