Algeria plans to join Francophonie

Algiers- Algeria (PANA) -- Algeria is considering to join the International Organisation of the Francophonie (OIF), the country's foreign minister Abdelaziz Belkhadem said at the French-speaking body's summit in Beirut, Lebanon.
President Abdelaziz Bouteflika attended the OIF summit for the first time since the country's independence as a personal guest of Lebanon's president, Emile Lahoud.
The Algerian foreign minister said on Friday that his country also envisages to join other organisations like the Commonwealth, which mainly groups England and its former colonies.
According to Belkhadem, profound changes had occurred in the OIF since its summit in Bamako two years ago when a more "political" approach was adopted to respect the sovereignty, culture and languages of its member states instead of being limited to the usage of French.

20 Outubro 2002 18:36:00

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