Algeria, Mozambique ratify African Union act

Addis Ababa- Ethiopia (PANA) -- Mozambique and Algeria on Thursday informed the OAU secretariat in Addis Ababa that they had ratified the constitutive act of the African Union, which takes effect Saturday.
This raised to 41 the number of OAU member countries which have ratified while 37 have deposited the instruments of ratification to the OAU secretariat.
Mozambique informed the OAU that it had ratified the constitutive act on 17 May while Algeria did so on 23 May.
According to an OAU news release, the two countries submitted copies of the instruments of ratification while awaiting to deposit the original instruments of ratification soon.
A total of 37 member states have so far deposited the instruments of ratification of the act, one more than the required two-thirds majority for it to enter into force.
Nigeria became the 36th member to deposit the instrument of ratification on 25 April.
The African Union enters into force on Saturday, 30 days after the deposit of ratification instruments by two-thirds of OAU the 53 OAU member states.

24 may 2001 15:12:00

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