Air Seychelles allays fears on flight safety

Saint-Denis- Reunion (PANA) -- Air Seychelles has reassured travellers of safety on board its aircraft saying the crew are well trained to deal with would-be hijackers.
Speaking to PANA over the phone Thursday, the airline's director general, Captain David Savy, hailed the competence of the crew who on Monday foiled an attempt by a knifeman to hijack an Air Seychelles Boeing 737 in mid-air.
The cabin crew overpowered the man before the plane landed in the Maldives where he was arrested.
Air Seychelles demanded immediate investigation into security at Mumbai Airport in India where the flight began.
"The eight crew members present during the incident received training for this kind of incident and passengers should in no way feel insecure when they are on board Air Seychelles flights," Savy assured.
He said by the end of this week a security officer of the airline and a Seychelles police would join the team of experts investigating circumstances connected with the foiled hijack attempt in the Maldives.
"This was a true demonstration of what we teach our employees during compulsory security drills.
We have proved that we are able to protect our planes.
"The flight was threatened for one moment but the situation was quickly brought under control and there was no need to send out a request for emergency landing or a passenger alert message.
Most of the passengers were not even aware of what was going on," Savy explained.
He said the airline would maintain its flights between India and Seychelles while security assessment at Mumbai Airport was under way.

12 september 2002 23:09:00

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