Air France blames delayed flights on technical problems

Douala- Cameroon (PANA) -- Air France officials in Cameroon's coastal city of Douala have explained recent flight drags as occasioned by "technical problems," the latest such flops occurring last 10 May.
Passengers for an Air France flight to Paris were angered by a midnight announcement that their schedule was to be delayed "due to technical problems," long after all boarding formalities had been completed.
They only left Douala the next day at 11 pm, many of them having cancelled appointments in the French capital.
Faced with the wrath of passengers, Air France officials expressed "deep regret for any inconvenience caused by an engine fault detected at the last moment.
" However, airport police said that "not less than three flights of the French company, renowned for its punctuality, have been delayed at the last minute in the last two weeks.
" The same excuse - "technical problems" - is served at every delay.
Earlier on 3 May Air France passengers bound for Europe experienced similar inconvenience at the Yaounde-Nsimalen international airport.
At the Air France desk in Douala, officials however expressed "hope for a swift return to serenity" notably on the eve of the summer holidays.

14 may 2001 20:38:00

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