AIDS leaves 27,000 children with no teachers

Kinshasa- DR Congo (PANA) -- Teachers who have died of AIDS in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in the past two years have left 27,000 children without instructors, according to an inquiry carried out by "Progres des Nations" magazine, UNICEF publication.
Even though AIDS has affected all the sectors of society, it is the education sector, which the pandemic has hit the hardest, the magazine said.
It noted that for some unclear reasons, seropositivity has reached high levels among the country's teachers.
The magazine noted that teachers who died of AIDS in 1999, and those infected by the virus but were still on duty, were contaminated through unsafe sexual intercourse.
Children who have suffered the repercussions of the HIV/AIDS were obliged to quit school, it pointed out.
"Progres des Nations" said it found very "surprising" the predominance of seropositivity among the teachers, who were supposed to be the best informed and more awaken as to the dangers of AIDS.
The DRC has about 811,000 AIDS orphans, according the health ministry.

29 june 2001 21:24:00

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