AIDS devours 10 percent of Kenya's annual budget

  Nairobi- Kenya (PANA) -- The Kenyan ministry of health says it requires a whooping 2 million US dollars annually to finance its HIV/AIDS control and prevention activities.
The head of the National Aids Control Body, Dr Mohamed Abdullah Friday said the amount is 10 percent of the country's annual revenue.
He said as the scourge continues to ravage Kenyans more funds would be needed in the future to combat the pandemic.
   Abdullah told a gathering of teachers from Eastern Province in Meru town, some 288 km north of Nairobi that government may in future be unable to give institutionalised medical care to in- patients suffering from HIV/AIDS.
     The Educationists met to launch the ministry of education's HIV/AIDS school programme for the area.
   The programme, which aims at sensitising teachers on HIV/AIDS for effective communication to their students is funded by the US-based Dixon Hightower Resource Exchange Foundation.
    "Due to the deficit in the financial allocation for HIV/AIDS activities in the annual budget, the government has to turn to donors and  development partners for funds to address the shortfall," Abdullah said.
He disclosed that 10 percent of the 2.
5 million people infected with HIV in the country had full blown AIDS.
    He urged the teachers to educate society on the merits of nursing such patients under the Home-based Care programme in order to save resources spent in hospitals.

09 june 2001 13:41:00

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