AIDS causes high mortality rates in Kavango

Rundu- Namibia (PANA) -- AIDS has turned into a major killer in Namibia's Kavango region where it has rapidly increased mainly among people aged between 15-45 years.
The Namibia Press Agency on Monday quoted Kavango Regional Council's AIDS Co-ordinator Vincent Likoro as saying HIV/AIDS had shown a real worrying trend in the region.
He cited last year's HIV/AIDS Sentinel Sero-Survey by the Ministry of Health and Social Services, which found 123 pregnant women living with HIV out of 795 tested from all four health districts of Rundu, Nankudu, Nyangana and Andara.
Likoro called on all Kavango region inhabitants to join hands in fighting the incurable disease, and advised people to change their attitude of leaving everything in the hands of health officials.
He further appealed to the different structures that co-ordinate HIV/AIDS activities to ensure that correct information reaches all the people in their respective areas at the right time.
Meanwhile, Acting Medical Superintendent for Rundu State Hospital Yuri Yangazov supported the view that HIV/AIDS was one of the diseases that had increased the region's death toll.
Without providing the latest statistics on HIV/AIDS- related deaths, Yangazov noted that the disease was in the lead, followed by malaria.
The death toll in the Kavango region is causing some panic due to an increase in the number of weekend funerals in most parts of this region.
Namibia's HIV prevalence rate was estimated to be slightly more than 19 percent of the adult population by the end of the year 2000.

18 june 2001 20:55:00

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