African traditional rulers urge AU leaders to aim at African unity

Sirte- Libya (PANA) -- African traditional rulers, attending the AU summit in Sir te, Libya, on Wednesday appealed to African leaders to direct their energies to c onsolidating the continent’s political unity.
Speaking on behalf of Africa's traditional leaders, Ghana’s John Naba challenged African leaders, gathered here to discuss the transformation of the African Uni o n Commission into an Authority, to discard their thinking along the continent’s c olonial boundaries and work towards unity.
African leaders are divided on whether they should declare the formation of the AU Authority during the current Summit.
“The time has come for Africa to achieve peace and do away with the continued ci vil conflicts.
We, the chiefs of Africa, have agreed to give all our support to A U leaders for the realization of peace in Africa,” Naba affirmed.
Addressing African leaders earlier at the opening of the summit, Naba recalled t hat his association had called for a single passport in 2002.
Naba said his group would support AU leaders to enable them achieve their goals, which included a common government, and urged them to work towards the achievem e nt of free movement in the continent.
He said the traditional rulers were seeking recognition from the AU leaders beca use they were in direct contact with the grassroots.
The traditional rulers sparked controversy in January when they declared the Lib yan leader, Mouammar Kadhafi, the King of Kings, a title they bestowed on the AU Chairman "for his personal efforts to help Africa achieve full unity".

01 يوليو 2009 20:15:00

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