African ministers fail to strike compromise on Zimbabwe

Sharm El Sheikh- Egypt (PANA) -- African ministers failed to reach a definite com promise on Zimbabwe and asked the continental leadership of the African Union (A U ) to take a stand on President Robert Mugabe's legitimacy crisis.
President Mugabe, who took oath of office for his sixth presidential term Sunday , said he was preparing to travel to Egypt for the AU summit.
The continent's 53 foreign ministers, meeting for an extended day to discuss the situation in Zimbabwe and a host of other issues, ruled that a solution to the Z imbabwean crisis could only be found at the end of the Summit.
"We have made recommendations to the Heads of State on the situation in Zimbabwe .
These recommendations would be discussed and we will see what happens either M o nday or Tuesday, allow me to end this topic there," said Tanzanian Foreign Minis t er Bernard Membe after the ministers concluded their talks.
Nigerian President Umaru Yar'Adua, chaired a rare high-profile segment of the Pe ace and Security (PSC) meeting to discuss conflicts in Africa in a parley largel y overshadowed by the crisis in Zimbabwe.
The African Ministers, however, proffered a list of recommendations on Zimbabwe.
It was not immediately clear if any of the recommendations could lead to an imme diate solution to the growing legitimacy crisis facing Zimbabwe.

30 juin 2008 16:52:00

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