African leaders vow to meet MDGs by 2015

Sirte- Libya (PANA) -- African Union (AU) leaders Tuesday expressed determination to redouble their efforts at national, regional, continental and international levels to attaining the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015.
Ending their summit in Sirte (Central Libya), the leaders decided to create an environment conducive to investment and development in Africa, thanks to the promotion of peace and security, by guaranteeing good governance in their countries through the strengthening of regional and continental mechanisms.
They decided to take on board political instability on the continent with a view to creating an Africa free from conflicts by 2010 and fully collaborate with regional and continental mechanisms for the operational implementation, as quickly as possible, of the continent's early warning system.
In order to meet these goals, the Sirte summit proposed a set of measures, namely the adoption of poverty reduction strategies, the promotion of the rural economy and sustainable agriculture.
The liberalisation of the private sector, the formulation of an industrial development strategy, the strengthening of the competitiveness of African economies and the cautious management of natural resources are also part of the decisions taken by African leaders in Sirte.
They also envisaged increasing investments for the development of the infrastructure and transport, telecommunications and energy services, as well as the mainstreaming of the gender dimension into national development and extreme poverty reduction strategies among women.
Moreover, the Sirte summit proposed the promotion of information and communication technology, the strengthening of health systems, HIV/AIDS control, tuberculosis, malaria and other diseases.
It also suggested the elaboration of programmes and systems for social protection and mobilisation of additional national resources for the financing of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG).
In this respect, the summit launched an appeal to the international community, in particular to the UN, to back Africa's efforts and urged G8 to fully adhere to all the recommendations of the African Commission and to accelerate their implementation.
It asked developed countries and partners to speed up the process of total cancellation of Africa's debt by 2007 and hailed the proposal of the ministers of finance of the G8 concerning the cancellation of the debt of 14 African countries.

05 july 2005 22:45:00

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