African govts urged to fight HIV/AIDS through schools

Dakar Senegal (PANA) -- The coordinator of the African Network of Education for Health (RAES), the Senegalese Fara Diaw, has called on African governments to us e the schools as a tool of fighting HIV/AIDS.
"Pupils can play a major role with their schoolmates by raising awareness on the prevention of HIV/AIDS in Africa," Diaw told journalists here Monday evening, adding that t here was the need to teach young people how to recognize the disease and protect them selves.
He said young people could play a major role in fighting HIV/AIDS and ending dis crimination and stigmatization.
According to him, it is important to engage the youths in frank discussions on H IV/AIDS in order to help overcome the taboos surrounding the disease.
"African governments must invest more in schools.
Otherwise, it will be difficul t to combat HIV/AIDS," Mr.
Diaw said.
He noted that the national programmes to fight HIV/AIDS seemed to have forgotten the youths, who constitute more than half of the continent's population.

16 march 2010 11:19:00

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