African envoys weigh effects of AU transformation

Sirte- Libya (PANA) -- African envoys meeting to discuss the political and econom ic climate in the continent were due to end three days of discussions on the effects of transforming the African Union Commission into an Authority on Friday.
The African diplomats, representing 50 out of the 53 states of the African Union (AU), kicked off discussions on the effects of the transformation, meant to give the organisation more executive pow ers, on Wednesday.
AU Commission Chairperson Jean Ping emphasised the need to accelerate the transf ormation of the AUC into an Authority, adding that the Commission had put in place a new plan to oversee the transformation.
In February 2009, African leaders who met in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, unanimously agreed to transform the AUC into an Authority with positions for Secretaries, as opposed to the current system of cabinet posts headed by Commissioners.
But the leaders are still deeply divided on whether the transformation would be radically different from the current administrative structures.
The ultimate goal for the transformation is the setting up of a Union Government for Africa.
Most African leaders said those among them who opted for the gradual declaration of the United States of Africa won the debate when the decision to create the AU Authority was reached at the end of th e AU heads of state and government meeting in Addis.
Speaking during the opening of the 18th session of the Permanent Representatives Committee (PRC) in Sirte, Ping hailed the efforts made by the Ambassadors accredited to the AU for their work, which has led to the cre ation of the Authority.
“We are facing another mutation which requires our joint efforts to accelerate t he process in the interest of our organisation,” Ping said.
Ping told the diplomats gathered here for the discussions on the organisation’s financial, administrative, judicial and political matters, that the Commission was ready for the transformation.
“The Commission is working very hard to ensure the implementation of the recomme ndations and outcome of the joint brainstorming meeting of the Commission and the PRC that was held last year,” Ping said.

26 juin 2009 12:33:00

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