African diplomatic passport expected in May

Addis Ababa- Ethiopia (PANA) -- An African diplomatic passport under the auspices of the African Union is expected to go into operation on 25 May 2007 as scheduled, AU Commission Chairperson, Alpha Oumar Konaré told the Executive Council here Thursday.
Konaré, who made the issuance of an African diplomatic passport one of his main hobbyhorses, decided to accelerate the process by avoiding previous bottlenecks.
In the schedule announced by Konaré, consultations on the establishment of an African passport are expected to start on 15 February.
This should lead to the issuance of the first passports on 25 May.
To justify his approach, Konare said "we have been meeting for two years now with experts changing ideas on each session.
He does not understand that such an important decision be brought down to the protocol level, which means its burial".
Konaré observed that "the diplomatic passport is an act of faith, a symbol", for its attribution would be extended to government and administrative authorities to enable them to travel easily in Africa.
However, the issuance of this passport will not be done without precise rules, he pointed out.
And strict controls will be made by a commission to avoid abuses and excesses.
The tenth session of the Executive Council of the African Union is expected to adopt the reports of ministerial conferences and examine reports on the Union's budget, appointments and candidatures within international agencies, sectoral issues, among others.
It is also expected to adopt the draft agenda of the eighth summit of the AU heads of state and government scheduled 29-30 January.

25 يناير 2007 22:10:00

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