African Youth Group asks Kagame to be its patron

Kigali- Rwanda (PANA) -- The African Youth Group on the International Steering Committee for the World Conference Against Racism has requested Rwandan President Paul Kagame to be its patron, it was disclosed here late Friday.
A statement from the President's Office said the African Youth Group made the request during a meeting in Durban on Thursday.
The head of the group, Mohamed Haji-Kella of Sierra Leone, said they named President Kagame to be their patron because of Rwanda's commitment to the rights and interests of the youth, the statement said.
Haji-Kella said Rwanda's recovery from the 1994 genocide showed how serious and focussed leadership could overcome problems brought about by bad governance.
He noted that the African Youth Group was inspired by President Kagame's background of youth activism and his exemplary credentials as a freedom fighter and champion for the rights of the people of Rwanda.
The Youth Group also asked President Kagame to assist them in establishing an African Youth Charter, to be signed by all African heads of state, with commitments to a wide range of issues, including peace, development and human rights.
"The youth expressed the desire to work with all African heads of state to promote these issues .
(because) they believe that young people have a big role to play," the statement said.

31 august 2001 19:36:00

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