African Leaders Pledge To Respect Existing Borders

ALGIERS- Algeria (PANA) -- African leaders Wednesday pledged to continue respecting the existing borders inherited at the time of independence.
In a declaration adopted at the end of their three-day meeting, they said the respect of this principle had helped in the preservation of the continent's peace and stability.
In the Algiers Declaration, the leaders reaffirmed that they will "give priority to peaceful means of settling crises, in accordance with the principles of sovereign equality, non-interference and averting the use of force.
" They commended the work of the OAU founding fathers and pledged also to strengthen and develop the continental body into the best instrument of collective action in Africa and in the relationships with the rest of the world.
Meanwhile, the declaration urges the member states to "protect and promote human rights and basic freedoms.

14 july 1999 09:29:00

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