Africa's spokesman calls for a compensation mechanism

Durban- South Africa (PANA) -- Zambian Vice President, Enoch P.
Kavindele, whose country currently holds the African Union presidency, Sunday evening in Durban, called for "the setting up of an international compensation mechanism for victims of the slave trade".
Addressing a plenary session on the third day of the World Conference against Racism, Kavindele told the international community that "Africa is also demanding a compensation fund for development, in order to obtain additional resources for the development of countries affected by this other blight known as colonialism".
He argued that this double request constitutes a minimum for Africa since "all other cases of massive human rights violations that occurred in the recent past or very recently, to which other peoples were subjected, have either been corrected or are about to be corrected".
"Subsequently, we cannot continue to turn a deaf ear while the children of the continent are still suffering and bleeding because of the cruelty they were subjected to in the past.
" "Africa wants to be heard so that the world will honour the memory of the crime of slavery and colonialism in its recent history and take responsibility," the Zambian Vice President pointed out.
He explained that without this, the Black people will continue, no matter what people say, to "be seen as goods whose value fluctuates according to the law of supply and demand".
He added that Africans came to Durban to free themselves, once and for all, from these historical injustices.
Africa believes that "it is not enough to remember slavery as a terrible tragedy, but also to accept to talk about it as a wrongdoing which has, for centuries, directly deprived the Black continent of its human and natural resources, he said.
It is precisely this plunder that has to date impeded the continents' development and full growth, the African spokesman observed.

03 september 2001 15:14:00

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