Africa's latest nation gets official name

Khartoum, Sudan (PANA) - Top southern Sudanese politician have named their new state, SOUTHERN SUDAN, officially avoiding a split with the larger Sudan by not taking on a local name.

General Salva Kiir, the president of the Southern Sudan government (GOSS), is chairing a marathon meeting, involving the southern Sudan movement leadership that led the region into secession from the north, the Sudan People’s liberation Movement (SPLM), during which it was agreed to call the new state “South Sudan”, ending speculations of using some local names like Imatong or Gortong or even the Nile State.

The meeting, which started deliberations in Juba on Sunday, is still to decide a number of others issues, according to the UN-sponsored Radio Miraya broadcasting from the south on Tuesday.

The name will be submitted to the southern Sudan assembly for endorsement and then would be ratified by the President. It will be officially recognized by the north and would be applied to the region in July, this year.

The Comprehensive Peace Agreement CAP that ended the conflict between the north the south and which stipulated that southerners vote in a referendum as to whether they wanted to be part of the north or secede and form their own state, expires in July, 2011, by then there will be two distinct separate states in the current republic of the Sudan.

It is not, however, known what would be the adjective added to Southern Sudan, a republic or a federal or a simple southern Sudan.

Some observers are already seeing this gesture as a political savvy that says there are no permanent enemies or permanent friends but rather permanent interests.

They cite the former two German States, once bitter enemies, returned to each other. In Sudan, therefore, the north and the south, still having at least the term Sudan in common, might reconsider some form of federalism.

At that moment, no one will appear to make great concession in sipping part of its name: south Sudan will shake off the term south and northern Sudan will shake away north, they have Sudan in common.

The southern movement-cum-political party, the Sudan people liberation movement, has even decided that it would maintain a northern branch that would be run by northerners who fought and led the mother movement with them, the meeting said, indicating that the northern branch should abide by the laws of the north.

“The meeting also assured the continuation of SPLM's presence in the north as a new party after bifurcation from the parent party in the south, but retaining the same name and logo.

Malik Aggar, the current Blue Nile State Governor, is proposed as the chairman of the new party in the north, while Abdul-Aziz Alhelu, Deputy of Southern Kordufan State Governor, will take the seat of Vice Chairman, while Yasser Arman will act as Secretary General of the new party.”

A northern Sudanese politician, within the ruling national congress party, Professor Ibrahim Ahmed Omar, said there was no harm if they decided so provided the party is registered according to the law, already a point of convergence rarely seen in a recent divorce.
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