AfDB Group rallies support for Gambia’s National Development Plan

Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire (PANA) - A donor pre-engagement on Gambia’s new National Development Plan (NDP) is scheduled to take place in Dakar, Senegal, from 20 to 22 February 2018, the African Development Bank (AfDB) said on Monday.

Following the election of President Adama Barrow in December 2016, Gambia has a new window of opportunity to lay the foundations for a modern democratic state and key reforms for sustainable growth, said a statement issued by the AfDB in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire.

According to the statement, the goal of the 2018-2021 National Development Plan is to “deliver good governance and accountability, social cohesion, national reconciliation and a revitalized and transformed economy for the wellbeing of all Gambians.”

The Plan was prepared in a participatory process involving Government, civil society, non-government organizations, private sector and development partners.

The Dakar gathering will be led by Gambia’s Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Amadou Sanneh. It will prepare potential partners and mobilize support for an International Conference on The Gambia scheduled to take place in Brussels in May 2018.

Besides a workshop, the programme this week entails bilateral discussions with potential partners. The Government of The Gambia will present the NDP to participants and exchange views on how they can support the country’s transition to a democratic state and rebuild its.

At the request of Gambian authorities, the AfDB will coordinate the event.

The AfDB Group commenced operations in The Gambia in 1974, and has cumulatively approved 74 operations estimated at US$ 437 million as of 12 February 2018. The Group’s active portfolio in the country consists of 11 operations, worth US$ 170.58 million, including the Trans-Gambia Bridge project valued at US$ 92.60 million.
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