Addis keeps AU headquarters,South Africa hosts Parliament

Addis Ababa- Ethiopia (PANA) -- The African Union (AU) headquarters will remain in Ethiopia and South Africa will host the Pan-African Parliament, the organisation's third summit decided in Addis Ababa, Wednesday.
The decision was made possible after Libya and Egypt withdrew their bids.
Sources close to the conference told PANA that Libya, whose leader is absent from the Addis Ababa summit for the first time in five years, sent a document dated 27 May 2004 and titled "Explanatory note on the transfer of the African Union Commission".
In the document, Tripoli explained that "the Commission and the Union headquarters should not be necessarily linked" and promised "to put the Ouagadougou Complex in the town of Syrte and its annexes at the disposal of the Commission.
" It eventually changed its mind.
Egypt is said to have withdrawn its application to let South Africa compete alone, as Egypt was the only country, which competed with South Africa for the headquarters of the first Pan- African parliament of the continent.
The heads of state who wanted at all costs to exhaust the agenda on Wednesday, in order to come back on Thursday only to adopt the final documents and close their session, are expected to meet in Sudan next year.
Khartoum announced five years ago its wish to receive the great African family in July 2005.

08 july 2004 08:06:00

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