Activities to resume at Gabon uranium mines after 12 years

Libreville, Gabon (PANA) - The Gabonese government said here Wednesday that its uranium mines in Haut-Ogooue, in the south-eastern part of the country, and the health facility at Mounana would soon be accessed by companies other than the Companie des Mines d’Uranium de Franceville (COMUF), which ceased uranium mining activities in 1999.

The Minister of Mines, Alexandre Barro Chambrier, said during a recent visit to the site that "the government is not only interested in economic and social development of the province of Haut-Ogooué, but also attaches great importance in protecting the health of people and those working in the mines".

The health facility was launched wednesday to take care of miners in the area.
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13 april 2011 14:19:27

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