Abulgait: Egyptian force ready for Darfur

Khartoum- Sudan (PANA) -- The foreign minister of Egypt, Ahmed Abulgait has said his country is ready to send a military force to keep the peace in Darfur, Sudan, as requested by the United Nations.
The Minister said the force consists soldiers and engineering, transport, telecommunications equipment and a portable hospital.
Abulgait said Egypt's participation has been accepted by the Darfurian society adding that UN secretary general, Ban Ki-Moon was urging Egypt to send the peacekeeping force urgently.
The UN security council has approved a hybvrid force of some 23,000 African Union and UN troops and police to protect civilians in the Darfur region.
Some 200,000 people are reported to have been killed while some 2 million have been displaced in the conflict.

06 december 2007 21:24:00

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