About 14 reported killed in Kenyan communal clashes

Nairobi- Kenya (PANA) -- Between 10 and 14 people were killed during communal clashes in Kenya's Tana River district, South-east of Nairobi, local television stations reported Monday evening.
According to the reports monitored by PANA in Nairobi, the deaths resulted from fighting between the Pokomo farming community and their pastoral Orma neighbours over grazing land in the Coast province at the weekend.
One of the television stations reported that 10 people were killed while dozens of others were injured and were being treated at nearby hospitals and health facilities.
Three people were killed in similar clashes between the two ethnic groups on 10 March this year in land-related disputes.
At least five others, including three policemen, lost their lives in the recurrent disputes between 7 September and 8 November, in spite of efforts by the government to put an end to the mayhem, the reports noted.

19 november 2001 21:32:00

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