About 100,000 people are receiving ARV therapy

Maputo- Mozambique (PANA) -- About 100,000 HIV-positive people in Mozambique are now receiving the life prolonging anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs through a variety o f projects, many of them funded by the United States, in all 11 provinces, accor d ing to a report in Friday's issue of the Maputo daily "Noticias".
Lisa Nelson, head of HIV/AIDS programmes, with the US Centre for the Prevention and Control of Diseases in Mozambique, expressed satisfaction with Mozambique's " impressive" efforts to fight against the AIDS pandemic.
She said this positive situation would improve even further in the coming few ye ars, particularly if the Health Ministry and the National AIDS Council (CNCS) ke p t up the level of material commitment they had been showing so far.
"The United States is directly supporting about half of the units that offer ARV s through various partners operating in the provinces in coordination with the H e alth Ministry.
We are happy, because about 100,000 people are receiving the anti - retroviral treatment.
" Established in Mozambique in 2000, the Centre has been directly supporting treat ment with ARVs, initiatives for income generation for people with AIDS, preventi o n of HIV, and also the designing of strategies for the fight against HIV/AIDS.
It is estimated that there are currently 300,000 people in Mozambique who are no w at the stage of HIV infection where anti-retroviral treatment is recommended.
T he hope is to cater for all of them in the near future because Mozambique has en o ugh drugs for that effect.
Among the obstacles to achieve this worthy goal is the awkward fact that most pe ople infected with HIV are unaware that they are carrying the virus.
The expansi o n of ARV therapy also requires expanding facilities in the health units and trai n ing more staff.

22 february 2008 23:20:00

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