Abidjan University campus under police guard

Abidjan- Cote d'Ivoire (PANA) -- The Abidjan University campus of Cocody-Mermoz, a residential area of Abidjan, was under close police surveillance Friday afternoon following the ransacking of student rooms Thursday.
Groups of policemen, armed with truncheons and rifles, were stationed on the campus' courtyard and other strategic points, screening those visiting the premises.
Four students suspected of participating in the vandalism in these student halls have been arrested, according to the police.
Clashes between rival factions within the divided Cote d'Ivoire's Students Federation (FESCI) armed with machetes left one person dead and several others injured on 4 April.
This resulted in the authorities ordering the closure of the University.
It will probably re-open on 23 April, university sources said.
The violence is due to differences among the students with regard to the FESCI leadership.
The current secretary general of the Union, Jean-Yves Dibopieu, is not recognised by another "secretary general," Paul Guei, and his faction, and this has polarised the two sides.

20 april 2001 22:44:00

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