AU warns Somalis to form govt or face sanctions

Addis Ababa- Ethiopia (PANA) -- The Executive Council of the African Union (AU) has warned all factional leaders and parties in Somalia to observe the 31 July deadline for the formation of a government of national unity or face sanctions from the international community upon failure to comply.
In a resolution adopted at the end of their 5th ordinary session here Monday, African foreign ministers called for close cooperation with the IGAD facilitation committee, and urged faction leaders still in Somalia to immediately proceed travel to the reconciliation conference in Nairobi, Kenya.
"In that regard, the Council reiterated the African Union's resolve to mobilise the international community in order to impose targeted sanctions on faction leaders guilty of deliberately disrupting the peace process," the document affirmed.
The resolution "insistently" called on the UN Monitoring Group, set up under Resolution 1519 adopted by the Security Council on 16 December 2003, to "continue investigations on violations of the arms embargo and study the possibility of deploying a surveillance mechanism along the Somali seacoast and borders, in order to forcefully implement the arms embargo".

06 july 2004 10:45:00

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