AU urged to immediately set up United States of Africa

Paris, France (PANA) – A member of the African Diaspora in France, Sidi Tidiane Guèye, on Wednesday called for the immediate setting up of the United States of Africa because it is the only way the continent can confront its challenges.

"Procrastinations have taken too much time. The United States of Africa needs to be set up immediately. We should contemplate beginning with a first group of pioneers and after that others will follow. Let’s stop wasting time,” he said in a PANA interview in Paris.

Mr Guèye, who is the chairman of the Federation of African Workers in France (FETAF), criticised the forces delaying the advent of the United States of Africa, which is jeopardising the future of African generations.

"Here and there, people mention national sovereignty to refuse the setting up of the United States of Africa. This argument is not reliable. National sovereignty will not be recognised and strengthened unless within the framework of the continent’s unity. Africa will not be respected and listened to unless it speaks with one voice."

Mr Guèye also called for the immediate setting up of an African government, saying that it would be able to speed up the regional integration process and take up the security challenge on the continent.

"Economic integration is indeed a wish, but the precondition is political integration within the framework of an interlinked space that continues the implementation of the project of the United States of Africa. There is no other alternative than to take up the challenges such as security in the Sahel and the fight against poverty on the continent,” he said.

“Let’s stop delaying our political integration. The Diaspora calls on all leaders in the continent to take up their responsibilities. African unity is a matter of political will; we must have it," Mr Guèye said.

A report on the setting up of the United States  of Africa would be presented during next AU summit, scheduled for 29-30 June in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.
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