AU summit postpones discussions on African government

Sirte- Libya (PANA) -- The fifth AU summit decided Monday night, at the end of its first day, to further study the idea of a continental government as submitted by Libyan leader, Col.
Moammar Kadhafi.
The summit, which also received proposals from Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade on the AU funding through the establishment of a tax on imports and insurance premiums, said it was necessary to carry out further studies to be able to give its opinion with full knowledge of the facts because of the implications of such a mechanism.
However, the Sirte summit has endorsed, with a slight modification, the draft declaration and resolution defining Africa's position on the reform of the UN system.
The change made by the Zimbabwean delegation concerns the fact that Africa must give priority to its position defined in Harare and demand that the right of veto is removed.
Therefore, Zimbabwe asked that it should be mentioned in the declaration of principle that Africa requested the right of veto only for equality with the beneficiary countries, until the decision to remove it is made.
PANA was told that the participants to the summit discussed these issues in all sessions behind closed doors on Monday.
Though the consensus laboriously negotiated by the Executive Council on Africa's demands about the UN reforms was not questioned, it was not the case of the additional step that Col.
Kadhafi had been asking the AU to make since the Addis Ababa summit held a year ago.
The initiative, which has been recently addressed by a (presidential) symposium in Kampala, Uganda, is said to have met opposition from South Africa, as President Thabo Mbeki said behind closed doors that he did not understand the real meaning.
In its conception, the AU Commission, its chairperson and ten commissioners play, should play or are able to play, if need be, the role of a continental government, a real embryonic African Executive, Mbeki replied.
So it is better to urge them do it instead of creating new bodies that the AU, which has financial problems, would have difficulties to accompany.

05 july 2005 10:30:00

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