AU summit fails to agree on an African government

Addis Ababa- Ethiopia (PANA) - – The Eighth Ordinary session of the African Union (AU) closed here Tuesday with leaders failing to agree on the creation of a continental government, a proposal by Libya, according to Angolan ambassador to Ethiopia, Manual Augusto.
Augusto said the issue raised heated discussions during the second day of the proceedings of the AU summit after the Executive Council presented its report on the Libyan proposal that was backed by some countries.
According to Augusto, some West African and Sahelian countries, oscillating around Libya, were of the view that Africa could only move forward as a unitary government, while the opposing bloc, mainly composed of Southern African countries, said time was not yet ripe for such a move.
"We are looking for a consensus, but it is difficult," Augusto told PANA, highlighting the diplomatic efforts deployed to avoid a crisis that would have otherwise divided the continent on the issue.
He said that several delegations present agreed the principle of a government of the Union was good and acceptable, but it was necessary to do more work at country levels and "let the idea ripen".
The opposing bloc opposed, he said, maintained that African governments were not yet ready to integrate in the short term since this would mean "the alienation of part of their sovereignties", Augusto added.

30 january 2007 21:19:00

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