AU states may rebuff US sanctions against Zimbabwe

Sharm El Sheikh- Egypt (PANA) -- United States' "targeted sanctions" against elem ents in President Robert Mugabe's government are unlikely to get the majority su p port of the Arab African states, diplomatic sources disclosed here Monday.
The United States said it was moving to impose sanctions against all the support ers of Mugabe, targeting their companies and accounts, which would be frozen in t he meantime.
Washington will also press other states to take similar steps.
US Assistant Secretary of State Jendayi Fraser said the US was planning to impos e the sanctions through the UN, but would not tie its action to the outcome of t h e African Union (AU) Summit, convening here.
"US sanctions would be taken at the UN.
We do not want to say what those sanctio ns would be but we have targeted sanctions.
They will target individual companie s .
We are also looking at an arms embargo," Fraser said.
African Union Peace and Security Commissioner Ambassador Ramantane Lamamra, howe ver, hinted that the leaders of Africa might not entirely support the sanctions.
"Sanctions are not the best tool that modern democracy has invented.
One should not speak as easily as they think.
The African Union has a different line of thi n king on how to help African countries to move forward under such circumstances," the AU official said.
African leaders are due to discuss the issue on Tuesday after its talks on Zimba bwe.

30 june 2008 19:51:00

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