AU proposes US$256m budget for 2011

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (PANA) - African heads of state and government are expected to adopt a US$256 million budget of expenditure for the African Union (AU) during 2011, it was officially disclosed here Tuesday.

AU Commission Secretary Jean Mfasoni said permanent representatives to the AU had perused the proposed budget at their two-day session being held here, ahead of the 18th session of the Executive Council, scheduled to hold 27-28 January 2011.

According to normal procedure, the council will endorse the estimates and pass them for adoption by the 16th Ordinary Session of the AU Assembly, due to take place here on 30-31 January 2011.

On issues to be addressed by the Assembly, Mfasoni said the AU Commission had done a lot of groundwork and, already, it has a draft declaration of the summit that has been endorsed by experts and would be tabled before the Executive Council before it goes to the summit.

The summit will also receive a report of the Peace and Security Council on the crises and conflicts affecting the continent.

In addition, the African leaders are due to adopt two important legal instruments on the African Charter on Values and Principles of Public Service and the Protocol on the African Monetary Fund.

Mfasoni explained that the public service charter is an initiative of the AU Commission in collaboration with African ministers responsible for public service.

He said the charter addresses challenges and the need to ensure efficient public service and administration in all African countries "because peace and stability depend on the capacity and structure of public service to manage public affairs under the rule of law."

Regarding the monetary fund, Mfasoni said it is one of the three financial institutions of the AU, the others being the African Investment Bank and the African Central Bank.

The AU Assembly will also mandate 11 new members of the organisation's advisory board on fighting corruption. Their names will be picked by the executive council from a list of  some 20 candidates forwarded by different countries.

"This is a new organ which we expect to address the scourge of corruption on the continent," Mfasoni said, noting that not all AU member countries had acceded to the AU Convention on Corruption that was adopted in 2003 in Maputo.

"The treaty has entered into force and we continue to sensitize member states that were late to accede to it to do so without further delay," he said.
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