AU council reiterates support for DRC govt

Addis Ababa- Ethiopia (PANA) -- The fifth ordinary session of African Union's executive council has reiterated in Addis Ababa its support for the national unity government of the DR Congo, in addition to expressing "deep concern" over the political situation prevailing in the country.
In a resolution adopted Monday at the end of their proceedings, African foreign ministers, strongly condemned the Kivu incidents and the attempted coups of 27-28 March and 10-11 June in the capital Kinshasa.
These incidents had "largely affected" the normal functioning of the transitional institution and slowed down the implementation of the all-inclusive accord, the resolution added.
"The Executive Council reiterates support for the process under way in this country, as the only way to pull the DR Congo out of the crisis, reconcile the Congolese and lead the country to a new political order that the people and stakeholders of the peace process are yearning for," the resolution stated.
It urged the Congolese to back the peace process towards the organising of a "free, democratic and credible elections in 2005.
" The document also exhorted the transitional parliament to accelerate the elaboration of laws, notably those related to the scheduled elections, insisting on the importance of the nationality issue when it comes up for drafting the constitution of the third republic.
On the incidents that have affected the Kivu area, the African foreign ministers demanded the authorities of the transitional government to cast light on their real causes and consequences, and probe "the massacre of innocent civilians in order to apportion responsibilities and create conditions of trust likely to enable the immediate return of all refugees back to their respective homes.
" In conclusion, the council urged the governments of the DR Congo and Rwanda to normalise relations, appealing to the international community and all the countries of the region to continue backing the transitional process in the DRC and the re-establishment of peace in the region.

06 july 2004 10:01:00

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