AU body demands respect for Ivorian accords

Sirte- Libya (PANA) -- The African Union (AU)'s Peace and Security Council (PSC) has demanded that all signatories to the Pretoria accord and declarations as well as Ivorian parties should implement "in good faith and without delay" all the agreements concluded between them.
Also they should work together to tear down obstacles and ensure the holding of elections in October as scheduled, the PSC added.
This could be implemented through the adoption of new measures to strengthen the mutual end-of-war declaration of 6 April 2005 in Pretoria, the immediate launch of the disarmament and dismantling of militias, which is slated for completion by 20 August.
The process also requires the implementation of the DDR programme and the Ivorian parliament's adoption by 15 July of all the amendments to the seven laws related to the ongoing process as proposed by the mediation.
A PSC underscored the need for all the Ivorian parties to comply with the country's constitution as part of the global efforts to facilitate the completion of a peace process, and expressed its support to the government of national reconciliation.
The AU body reiterated the necessity of ensuring the smooth running of the government and that of promoting a stronger ties between its members, allowing it to deliver on its responsibilities as set out in the Linas-Marcoussis accords.
The Council urged the Ivorian parties to fully cooperate with the UN Operation in Cote d'Ivoire (ONUCI) to enable it efficiently fulfil its mission and contribute in quickly bringing the peace process to completion.
The PSC also condemned the recent massacres in the western Ivorian locality of Duekoue and asked the Ivorian parties to make every effort to ensure such incidents do not occur again.
Upon recommendation of the mediator, the council affirmed its resolve to impose sanctions on the parties that will block the peace process by failing to uphold the commitments made under the Pretoria accord.
Finally, the Council paid tribute to South African president Thabo Mbeki for his unrelenting mediation efforts, which it asked him to pursue to facilitate the completion of the peace process.

05 july 2005 22:30:00

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