AU applauds regional conference on African Diaspora

Paris- France (PANA) -- The Ambassador of the African Union (AU) to Brussels, Mahamat Annadif, described on Thursday in Paris as "satisfactory" the outcome of the regional advisory conference of the AU/African Diaspora in Europe that ended Wednesday in the French capital.
"The outcome of the conference is largely beyond our expectations.
The participants have done an excellent job.
I'm quite sure that their conclusions will add value to the ongoing process," he said in an interview with PANA.
Annadif recalled that the African Diaspora now had a status as the sixth region of the continent, and pledged that the AU would involve more significantly the Africans living outside the continent in the process to reconstruct their continent.
"The themes addressed helped to understand the main concerns of the African Diaspora.
Now we'll be able to better include them in the African agenda so that the Diaspora can be a stakeholder in the process to reconstruct the continent," said the Chadian diplomat.
Near 400 representatives of the African Diaspora discussed over two days in plenary as well as thematic sessions the inputs and the place of the African immigrants in the reconstruction of their continent.
They closed their activities by adopting several recommendations, including one that calls on the "international community to more frequently use the expatriate experts when holding talks with Africa".
The participants, who came from Germany, Spain, Portugal, France and Switzerland, also called for the consolidation of the ties between AU and the African Diaspora.
"Like Diaspora of the other regions of the world, the success of the African Diaspora largely depends on their organisational development, their co-ordination, and their level of awareness,'' said the Paris conference, which was held with the support of South Africa.
Pointing out the importance of employment and training for the development of Africa, participants urged the AU to create an "African Observatory for Training and Employment".
"From now on, we should not let the African youth go for a training without knowing whether this training is relevant to the needs of their countries of origin," the conference insisted.
The organisers promised the recommendations would be submitted to the next African ministerial conference in November in South Africa to prepare for the special AU summit on the African Diaspora in April 2008.

13 Setembro 2007 18:50:00

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