AU appeals for resources to support troops in Darfur

Addis Ababa- Ethiopia (PANA) -- Member States of the African Union (AU) have been asked to contribute resources, both financial and logistical, to support the AU Mission in Sudan (AMIS).
Meeting on the sidelines of the AU fifth Ordinary Summit in Sirte, Libya, the AU Peace and Security Council (PSC) said additional financial resources were needed to bridge the gap in the funding of AMIS operations.
In a communiqué circulated here Tuesday, the PSC has commended AU partners for their continued support to AMIS.
With their logistical assistance, the AU expects to deploy additional troops in the troubled western region of Sudan to reach the recently authorised strength of 7,731 by September 2005.
Meanwhile, the PSC has expressed the AU's concern over the inflexible positions adopted by parties to the peace talks underway in Abuja, Nigeria.
As a result, the PSC noted that the pace of ongoing negotiations on the Declaration of Principles has slowed down.
The Council, however, has welcomed "the relative calm currently prevailing in Darfur.
" It encouraged the Sudanese parties concerned to do their utmost to maintain and consolidate this calm.
"The core of the conflict in Darfur is political and socio- economic in nature.
The Abuja peace talks provide the most viable mechanism to achieve a negotiated and lasting solution," said the Council.
The ongoing fifth round of the Inter-Sudanese Peace Talks, which started on 10 June 2005, is being held under the stewardship of AU Special Envoy and Mediator Salim Ahmed Salim of Tanzania.
During the meeting, the PSC expressed its support to Salim and its appreciation of the support being provided by Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo.
It also acknowledged the contribution of Chad and other African facilitators, as well as the observers from the partner countries and institutions, and urged them to continue to extend maximum support to the Mediator.
Similarly, the PSC has appealed to the parties to the conflict in Darfur to extend full cooperation to the Mediator, and "to negotiate in good faith with a sense of urgency, in a spirit of compromises and give and take.

05 july 2005 07:30:00

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