AU Summit: Gabon's self-proclaimed govt sends delegate to summit

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (PANA) - A delegate of Gabon's self-proclaimed government arrived here Friday to seek support of the African Union to rid his country of what he described as "the reign of an illegal power."

Bruno Ben Moubamba, Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Minister of self-proclaimed President Andre Mba Obame, told PANA he was seeking an appointment with the AU Commission Chairperson, Jean Ping, with the expectation that he could be allowed to attend the organisation's ongoing summit as an observer.

"It is high time for the AU to bring its support to the specific changes that are progressively taking place allover the continent," Moubamba said, insisting that the AU should listen to the people's will for strong and sustainable democratic governments.

"My presence at this summit is a solidarity act with those who are currently gagged in the UNDP building in Libreville," he said, adding that he had started a 72-hour hunger strike with effect from Friday as a symbolic support to his colleagues confined in the UNDP building.

Obame, who lost the 2009 election to President Ali Bongo Odimba, on 25 January, 2011, declared his own administration and had his swearing-in ceremony aired by his own television broadcaster TV+ but he has not been recognised by any authority.
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