AU Reps. Committee brainstorms on financial issues

Addis Ababa- Ethiopia (PANA) -- The 17th ordinary session of the Permanent Representative Committee (PRC) of the African Union (AU) began here on Monday, ahead of the 12th heads of state and government summit, with the theme: "Infrastructure development in Africa.
" Financial issues will dominate the debate of the committee, which comprises African Ambassadors accredited to the AU.
The meeting's agenda is focussed on budgetary constraints of the AU Commission as well as on specialised institutions (African Parliament, African Court of Human and People's Rights, the Commission of Human and People's Rights).
Besides, the African financial and monetary integration is on the agenda of the committee.
In this regard, the relations between the AU Commission on alternative funding sources for the Union as well as the African Stock Exchange and the African Monetary Fund will be discussed thoroughly about 10 days after the meeting in Addis Ababa of the extraordinary conference of the African finance ministers on these issues.
Desertification control will also be addressed during this two-day meeting, with Ambassadors being urged to examine the 2008-2010 draft Action Plan under the Great Green Wall Initiative for the Sahara and the Sahel initiated in Senegal by President Abdoulaye Wade.
African women and the issue of gender equality are high on the agenda of the meeting of the commitee, alongside the review of the summary of national reports on the implementation of the African Union's Solemn Declaration on gender equality in Africa.
The Ambassadors will further examine eight issues submitted by the AU member states: strengthening the rights of the poor (Tanzania), the establishment of a African forum for Latin Culture, the Palestinian issue (Libya), Benin's proposal to host the 21th summit in 2013 (Benin) and the setting up of a permanent secretariat and an African fund for sustainable development (Congo).
Others are the peaceful settlement of conflicts in Africa, for instance the Bakassi crisis(Cameroon), the proclamation of 2010 as the International Year of the Youth (Tunisia) and the establishment in Equatorial Guinea of an African Observatory for Science, Technology and Innovation.

26 january 2009 11:36:00

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